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Name:: Megan N. Wilson
Location:: Lyle, Wa
Date of birth INCLUDE year:: April 27th, 1987
We need at least five photos::


3. Photoshopped. Hope thats okay.



Male or female:: Female.
Sexual Orientation:: Straight.
Name at least ten of your favorite bands:: Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins, The Rouge, Happy Gnome, Bright Eyes, Straylight Run, Tsunami Bomb, Pedro The Lion, & The Offspring (older stuff)
Do you have a significant other (add photo if you'd like):: There is no one.
How would you define love:: Love cannot be defined. TS Eliot said it best, I do believe. "It is strange that words are so inadequate. Yet, like the asthmatic struggling for breath, so the lover struggle for words."
What makes you unique:: What makes me unique is that I don't parade around, trying to be unique. I let things come and go, and I let the cards play as they lay.

Favorite movie(s):: Neverending Story, Camp, Pulp Fiction.
Favorite book(s):: The Road Less Travled, Farenheit 451, 1984
Favorite TV shows:: I'm not big on TV, but if I had to choose, I would choose "I love the 90's"
Favorite quote:: "Whether you praise or criticize, it'll only make me more self conscious." - Conor Oberst

If you had to live with one cd for the rest of your life, what would it be:: Right now, I would say Weezer's Pinkerton.
What cd is in your cd player right now?:: Straylight Run DEMO
Use a lyric to describe yourself (be sure to mention who you're quoting):: "The more that I learn, the more I can't understand." - Straylight Run's 'For the Best'
Use a lyric to describe your current mood:: "The lights across the river... So far away from me." -Anonymous Poet's 'Track 2' The lights represent the things that I'll never obtain, although they are always in my sights. Thats how I feel today.

Say something, anything:: Oh, possum... Why are you so sad? Laying there... On the side of the road.
Random photo (optional)::

Political status:: I'm not too into politics, although I know I should be. I'm coming to an age where I can really make a difference by being able to vote and all.
How do you feel about war:: Battles must be fought. Not everything can be handled through a polite discussion over coffee and donuts. If people are willing to fight for their country and their freedom, I say let them fight.
What's your opinion on..
abortion:: It's not fair to kill those that haven't had a chance.
death penalty:: People should pay for their crimes. These people have had a chance. But the death penalty is more expensive in the long run, after appeals. So make sure it's all worth it. If you would be willing to inject that needle (or whatever) and pay all those fines, then you have the right to vote 'Yes' on death. If not, then shut up. If you aren't willing to do it yourself, then maybe you don't want it that bad.
drugs:: We do what we can to get by. If no one is there to support you, you need something to stand on. I know that if I didn't have people encouraging me every once in awhile, I would be an addict right now.
same sex/interracial marriage:: Love is love.
religion:: Religion is a routine and an obsession made acceptable. Believe in God (or whomever) because you want to, and make it a relationship with your 'God'. They shouldn't only be your ruler, but your friend.

Word Association
Love:: Tragedy.
Cool:: Word.
Poseur:: Colour
Sky:: Pullin'
Grey:: Smoke.
Music:: Life.
Dance:: disaster
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