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Name:: emma-catherine
Location:: san francisco
Date of birth INCLUDE year:: 8/28/89
We need at least five photos::
1. 2.
3. 4.
5. 6.
the last one is when i had my monroe which my mom made me take out and i miss it.
Male or female:: female
Sexual Orientation:: bisexual, but i'm not bi to follow a trend like SOOO many other people are nowadays.
Name at least ten of your favorite bands:: fear before the march of flames, comeback kid, rilo kiley, BNO, the elected, get set go, arcade fire, NIN, deerhoof, the books
Do you have a significant other (add photo if you'd like)::
his name is tom

How would you define love:: i find it difficult to "define" love. for me it's something where there's this one amazing person who completely understands everything about you, without you having to tell them absolutley everything. when they're gone and someone asks you to describe them you cant because there are so many wonderful things that you see about them that you know no one else would be able to understand. they're the first thing you think of when you wake up, and the thing you will yourself to dream about when you're falling asleep. the one you can see yourself being with when your old and ugly. love is when you dont have to work to always impress the other person. love is when the person doesn't always want to be impressed.
What makes you unique:: i dont know... i think that would be up to the people who know me to decide. i sing opera *shrug* i simply cannot learn how to punctuate properly.

Favorite movie(s):: brick & closer
Favorite book(s):: 1984, the idiot, a clockwork orange
Favorite TV shows:: X-files, ONLY X-files
Favorite quote:: i dont particularly like quotes. when i think of quotes i think of those stupid shirts that are like "the voices in my head dont like you" and that's annoying. if i had to chose a piece of writing that would be my favorite i would chose the sort of essay by Tenessee Williams that he wrote before his play "A Streetcar Called Desire" the essay is called "A Streetcar Called Success"... yeah.

If you had to live with one cd for the rest of your life, what would it be:: Funeral by Arcade Fire
What cd is in your cd player right now?:: Gypsy Punks by Gogol Bordello
Use a lyric to describe yourself (be sure to mention who you're qouting):: "i'm sorry to drag you in, but i had no choice. I said i'm sorry, so stop crying." 'The State of Texas vs. Fear Before' by FBTMOF
Use a lyric to descirbe your current mood:: "i'm sick, you're tired, let's dance" 'Calculation Theme' by Metric

Say something, anything:: baga baga is my favorite thing to say
Random photo (optional)::
that's what happens when you walk out the back door connected to my room.
i also painted my toes the other day.
and i like this picture.

Political status:: i dont really have a stance on this at the moment. i'd like to say i'm a fairly liberal democrat, but there are some things i'm still figuring out.
How do you feel about war:: i think that if we engage ourselves in war it's only fair that we finish what we start. i was opposed to the war in Iraq, and i still am in some ways, but now i'd just rather support our soldiers that are over there, because we're not doing them any good by marching around over here and protesting our asses off, because it's not going to help keep them safe since we aren't gonna get out of Iraq until we help fix what we fucked up.
What's your opinion on...
abortion:: i'm pro-abortion. there are lots of things i could say about this, but it all boils down to the fact that if they make abortion illegal people who feel they need to abort their child will use desperate measures like coat hangers or falling down flights of stairs. this could possibly result in the death of more than an unborn child. that's no good.
death penalty:: i think it's appropriate in some cases.
drugs:: i'm not sXe but i dont do drugs regularly and i'm not really into that whole scene
same sex/interracial marriage:: i'm down with that. i live in san francisco so i'm just very accustomed to gay couples, etc.
religion:: i'm not religious. i was considering trying to become a practicing Buddhist, but i just never got around to it. lots of my friends are religious and that's cool. as long as people dont force religion, or take it to fanatical lengths i'm cool with whatever.

Word Association
Love:: tom
Cool:: l33t
Poseur:: i hate that word
Sky:: up
Music:: auditory
Dance:: disaster
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