They'll pray for the destruction of all hatred more often

Just those with hate for us

Sad But True
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This is a rating community.

Thank you kindly.

1) If a person gives you a no and you disagree with their reasoning, do not fight it UNLESS they were misguided by your info. Then it is okay to let them know what you meant.
2) Do not reply to every vote.
3) NO deleting entries, if you're not accepted and you bitch and complain, it just proves more that you were NOT meant for this community.
4) You may only comment in your own post until you are accepted. Do otherwise and you're banned.
5) Once accepted, you must either promote yes__weknow in your journal or profile.
6) To know that you read the rules, put the word disaster next to "Dance" in the word association section.
7) No matter how many yes's you recieve, if two of the four mods vote no, you are automatically rejected.
8) Discrimination because of race, religion, sexual preference, or gender WILL NOT be tolerated whatsoever at any time. You will be banned without warning.

*Be sure to place all of your application behind an lj cut. If you need assistance, click the following http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75
Post within 48 hours of joining.

1) You're only allowed to promote other community's if you've been accepted AND if you promote ours in return. If you do otherwise, we will ban you without warning.
2) Try to avoid fighting with each other, save it for the applying.
4) If you absolutely can't stand another member, you can challenge them. If you do so the subject must be titled "(your user name) Vs. (The person you are challenging's user name)". You must post four NEW pictures with a short description of why you are better than the other member. *See below*
6) You must vote on challenges. To do so, type the user name of the person you want to stay.. the same as you would to give a person a yes or no. DO NOT vote until the person who is being challenged has posted in the comment section their new pictures and description why they are better.
5) Discrimination because of race, religion, sexual preference, or gender WILL NOT be tolerated whatsoever at any time. You will be banned without warning.

1) If rejected, you may re-apply in a week, but you MUST have new pictures and your subject must say re-applying. Also, no copying and pasting old applications.
2) If you think you are better than an existing member you may challenged them. To do so you must put "Reject (your user name) vs. (person you're challenging user name) in your subject. Then post four NEW pictures and a short description why you are better than this member, You may only do this once, so choose wisely. The rest of the existing members will vote on who they want in. *See below*

1)If you are challenged, you MUST do the same about the user who challenged you. Which means, post four new pictures and a short description on why you are better than the one who challenged you. If you do not, they will automatically get your spot in the community. If challenged by reject do the same as above.
2) Be sure to post your pictures and description as a comment in the challengers post.
3) The members will vote on who they think should 'win' the challenge.
4) if a tie, both members will remain in the community. If it's a tie between you and a reject, you're both out.

Date of birth INCLUDE year::
We need at least five photos::
Male or female::
Sexual Orientation:
Name at least ten of your favorite bands::
Do you have a significant other (add photo if you'd like)::
How would you define love::
What makes you unique::

Favorite movie(s)::
Favorite book(s)::
Favorite TV shows::
Favorite quote::

If you had to live with one cd for the rest of your life, what would it be::
What cd is in your cd player right now?::
Use a lyric to describe yourself (be sure to mention who you're qouting)::
Use a lyric to descirbe your current mood::

Say something, anything::
Random photo (optional)::

Political status::
How do you feel about war::
What's your opinion on..
death penalty::
same sex/interracial marriage::

Word Association

Accepted Members:

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